Our Funds

The Galileo Funds seek to provide investors with the opportunity to benefit from the attractive growth and diversification characteristics provided by investing in small and mid-cap companies. We currently offer two unique small and mid-cap investment strategies that provide investors with the potential to benefit from this dynamic sector of the investment universe.

The Galileo High Income Plus Fund

The Galileo High Income Plus Fund seeks to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation and current income by investing in a concentrated portfolio of small and mid-cap companies. The fund may invest in high yielding equity securities, convertibles debentures, real estate investment trusts and royalty trusts. The fund manager seeks to identify under-researched, financially strong smaller companies, that are operating in industries with favorable dynamics. The manager employs a rigorous research-based approach focused on identifying companies with the potential for long-term appreciation as a result of their superior product or service, favourable operating characteristics or other distinctive competencies. Learn More

The Galileo Growth & Income Fund

The Galileo Growth & Income Fund’s objective is to provide capital growth and income by investing primarily in a concentrated portfolio of equity and debt securities of issuers located in Canada and around the world. The fund seeks to primarily invest in small and mid-cap companies, with strong management teams that possess attractive valuations relative to their growth potential. The fund manager employs an active style of management that is focused on delivering alpha and therefore may materially deviate from common investment benchmarks. Learn More