Investment Approach

At Galileo, we believe that our rigorous proprietary research process, that exclusively focuses on identifying and investing in promising undervalued small and mid-cap companies, provides investors with a unique opportunity to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.

Distinguishing Features

  • Active, bottom up, investment approach employing both quantitative and qualitative research
  • Managed by an experienced, well-regarded portfolio manager who is a specialist in investing in small and mid-cap companies
  • Interest aligned with investors, significant manager investment in funds

Our Investment Process

Regardless of market conditions we apply a rigorous research-based methodology to the selection of companies for inclusion in our funds. The following are some of the components we use to evaluate companies:

Analyze the Sustainability of Business:  We look for businesses with distinctive competencies and financial strength that are operating in industries with favourable dynamics.

Identify Improving Financial Metrics:  We focus on identifying companies that are experiencing increasing revenues, earning and dividend growth, in addition to rising cash flow and free cash flow over a one to three-year period.

Valuation:  We focus on cash flow and balance sheet analysis to estimate the intrinsic value of a company.  Our team seeks to buy companies that are selling at a discount to our estimate of their intrinsic value.

Seek Unrecognized Value:  We seek to identify undervalued or underutilized assets or factors that will potentially improve the valuation of the companies within our investment horizon (3-5 years).

Evaluate Management:  We seek companies with outstanding management teams who are committed to financial transparency and have demonstrated an ability to create shareholder value.

Disciplined Portfolio Construction & Sell Discipline

Our research allows us to invest with conviction.  We purposely limit our funds’ holdings to between 25 and 35 securities.

Position Weights

  • Initial position size is typically 1 to 1.5%
  • Max position size is 5% (market)
  • Typically top 15 holdings represent 50% of portfolio

Sell Discipline

  • Extended valuation
  • Negative company or industry development
  • Acquisition activity
  • Portfolio upgrade

Holding Period

  • Typically 3-to-5 years
  • Portfolio turnover typically 25% to 35% cash
  • Used as strategic asset
  • Max cash position is 25%
Investment Philosophy

We invest exclusively in under-researched promising small and mid-cap companies.

Firm Culture

Our unique culture is based on a providing outstanding service to a limited amount of advisors and their clients.

Our Team

Led by our founder and CEO Michael Waring, our team consists of talented, dedicated professionals.

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