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About US

Specialist, smaller company managers, offering two distinct investment strategies designed to provide investors with superior risk-adjusted long-term returns

Since our founding in 2000, we have had a singular mission of helping our clients achieve their long-term investment objectives by delivering superior risk-adjusted returns.  We utilize an investment approach cultivated over the last thirty years by our CEO, Michael Waring.  Our focus is on identifying and investing in the most promising small and mid-cap companies before they become widely followed by mainstream analysts.  One of the hallmarks of our approach is that we take a contrarian, businesslike approach to investing in smaller and medium sized companies.  Committed to engaging in extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis, we have a deep understanding of every company in our funds.  Our research process allows us to be high conviction investors.  This means that unlike most managers who chose to invest in dozens, if not hundreds of companies, we deliberately choose to only invest in a limited number of well-run companies.  As a result, Galileo mutual funds feature more concentrated portfolios, in which our top ten holdings typically have a larger impact on our performance.

Points of Distinction

  • We build concentrated portfolios investing in promising undervalued and under-researched companies selected from international micro, small and mid-cap universes.
  • Our CEO and portfolio manager, Michael Waring, is among Canada’s most experienced small and mid-cap investment managers.
  • Committed to serving the best interests of investors, our process emphasizes rigorous research, risk management and low fees relative to our active style of management.

We invest exclusively in under-researched promising small and mid-cap companies.


Our unique culture is based on providing outstanding service to a limited number of advisors and their clients.


Led by our founder and CEO, Michael Waring, our team consists of talented, dedicated professionals.


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